Our Candle Process

Over the course of two years, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting our candle-making process. Our approach ensures optimal performance by precisely calculating the ideal ratio of fragrance and wax. Once you place an order, we get right to work. Here's a little insight into our process:
  1. Carefully selecting/cleaning the jar to ensure a smooth settling of the wax.
  2. Choosing and securely gluing the wick to the center of the jar.
  3. Using a specialized tool to center the wick, ensuring it remains in place.
  4. Initiating the wax melting process for your unique candle.
  5. Blending the melted wax with the chosen fragrance.
  6. Allowing the mixed wax to cool slightly before pouring it into the jar.
  7. Let the candle sit overnight and monitor for any imperfections.
  8. Apply labels, securely seal the lid, and prepare them for you to receive. 

 This process guarantees the highest quality candles are delivered to your doorstep.

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